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Matri Art & Artistry is a venture dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of India through Indian classical music. Matri Art & Artistry is based in USA and aims to preserve Indian classical music in its original form.  
In today’s chaotic world, Indian classical music with its distinct identity is universally acclaimed for bringing peace and solace to the listener. We at Matri Art & Artistry are dedicated to preserving Indian classical music and have been actively sharing and spreading our music throughout the world. Our activities include promoting high caliber artistes through different music concerts, publishing unique research works of Maestros and releasing music recordings.  

The “Matri” team has enthralled audiences all over the world with our music concerts. We have performed in solo concerts, duet concerts as well as dance and music ensembles.  Our duet concert is called “Jasrangi Jugalbandi” in which a male and a female vocalist create a melody through two different Ragas.  
Our concert offerings include: 

  1. Solo concert by Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj
  2. Jasrangi Jugalbandi and a Solo concert by Sangeet Martand Pandit Jasraj
  3. Solo concert by Pta. Tripti Mukherjee
  4. Solo concert by Pt. Rattan M. Sharma 
  5. Solo concert by Pta. Gargee Siddhanta-Dutta
  6. Jasrangi Jugalbandi by Pta. Tripti Mukherjee and Pt. Rattan M. Sharma
  7. Jasrangi Jugalbandi by Pta. Tripti Mukherjee and Pt. Suman Ghosh
  8. Jugalbandi by Pta. Tripti Mukherjee and Pta. Gargee Siddhanta-Dutta
  9. ‘Kanh Kahani’ dance ballad, choreographed by Guru Rachana Sarang, a senior most disciple of Pt. Birju Maharaj and vocals by Pta. Tripti Mukherjee

For more information about our concert offerings, please contact us at:
Matri Art & Artistry
# 718-470-1331
Mailing Address:‘Matarani Bhawan’, 76-42 266th Street, New Hyde Park, New York – 11040. USA 

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