Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya for North Indian Classical Vocal Music
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Admissions and Classes


Admission is open to one and all with these requirements :


  • Classes will be usually Four times a month.
  • All classes will be held in groups.
  • All beginner’s classes are conducted by senior disciples of the MEWATI GURUKUL.
  • The GURU will determine the student’s level and placement into an appropriate group.
  • The GURU will promote and upgrade a student in case he/she is eligible for the next level.
  • The GURU will determine the appropriate group for a student who has re-joined the Institute.
  • NO make up classes are available for any scheduled classes missed, for any weather related emergencies or any other emergency situations, by the student. However, it is upto the GURU’s convenience to adjust it on some other day and another time.
  • PJIM reserves the right to decide who the Guru is, based on the student's ability.
  • PJIM reserves the right to dismiss a student from PJIM at any point in time.

For more infomation, please contact our admission co-ordinators, Archana Gollamudi, Reshma Vishwanathan and Modhumita Sabata.