Sangeet Vishwavidyalaya for North Indian Classical Vocal Music
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Examination Overview

Our Examinations and Certifications

The Pandit Jasraj Institute has established various Certification courses (equivalent of Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree and a PhD Degree) for students of Hindustani classical vocal music. Under this program, students may seek Certification in six levels of proficiency. A student becomes eligible to be certified at a particular level by passing a corresponding theory and practical examination conducted by the Institute.

Our thoughts behind the Evaluation and Certification process

Music is a performing art.
Our goal at Pandit Jasraj Institute, is overall enrichment and in-depth understanding of the subject of Music.
While theoretical knowledge of Music is very important, developing singing skills and ability is of utmost significance in this performing art.
The ability to apply theoretical knowledge in singing is pivotal for development as a student of music. It takes years of dedicated learning and rigorous riyaaz to do so.
At Pandit Jasraj Institute, evaluation, through the examination process, includes a broad and comprehensive approach.
Both the Theory and Practical exams require a thorough understanding of the subject so that it is a rewarding experience for both the candidate and the Examiner.
Students are advised to take their time to learn, understand, and enhance their capability, and prepare themselves very well from all aspects before they decide to take an Exam.
Pandit Jasraj Institute wishes all the examination candidates All the Best!
Jai Ho!

Examination Levels

The levels of exams are as below:

1st level - Praveshita (Commencement) - need at least 3 years to complete;
2nd level - Prabuddha (Intermediate) - need at least an additional 3 years after Praveshita to complete;
3rd level - Praagya (Learned) - need at least an additional 4 years after Prabuddha to complete;
4th level - Sangeet-Paarangata (Master) - need at least an additional 5 years after Praagya to complete. This level is equivalent to the Bachelor’s Degree level.
5th level - Sangeet-Vidyadhipati (Accomplished ) - need at least an additional 5 years to complete after Paarangata. This level is equivalent to the Master’s Degree level.
6th level - Sangeet-Bodhisatva (Scholar) - need at least an additional 5 years to complete after Vidhyadhipati. This level is equivalent to the Phd level.

The recommended duration for each level above are years of continuous dedicated learning and riyaaz.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a particular level of examination, a student must have completed an in-depth study of the entire syllabus for that level and have studied music for the recommended duration for that level. Candidates are expected to follow the sequence of examination levels and not skip intermediate levels.

Examination Format

The certification consists of two parts. The theory examination is a closed-book one . After the theory examination, candidates will be notified of the date for the practical examination.
Accompaniments required during the practical exam are Tanpura and Tabla. No Harmonium accompaniment is permitted. It is advisable that the candidates bring their own accompanying artiste and instruments. However, if necessary, the examiners will provide the required instruments to the candidate. No books/notes will be allowed during the practical examination.

Theory examination: 100 points.
Practical examination: 400 points.
Cumulative Score: Total 500

Pass - 50%. Candidate has to pass BOTH the Theory and Practical examinations;
Merit - 60%;
Honors - 70%;
Distinction - 80%;
Excellence - 90%.

Please note that if the candidate does not pass in either section, s/he must reappear for the entire examination (theory and practical) to receive a certificate.

Schedule and Location

The dates scheduled by the Examination Board are final. However, if for some unavoidable reason those dates are not suitable, the candidate should inform the Examination Board immediately (within a week of the exam date announcement) to arrange for a mutually workable date and time.

The Theory examination will be conducted in September every year.
The Practical examination will be conducted in December every year.

The location will be communicated along with the schedule.

Communication of Results

Scores will be communicated to candidates after both the examinations are completed. All scores are final. Candidates who meet the passing requirements will be awarded a certificate during the certification ceremony at our annual Sur-Laya-Chhanda Mahotsav Shibir in July. Candidates will be informed of the dates of the ceremony once finalized.

Responsibility and Commitment

There will be a commitment of $100 on the candidate's behalf for each certification attempt. This is non-refundable and non-transferable. For further details, please contact us at

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