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Dear Bade Guruji, Jai Ho! On this auspicious day of your 93rd Birthday, January 28, 2023, please accept our heartfelt Pranams.

With your Blessings and Aagya, we would like to publish Saraansh Lekh, a humble offering, a series of articles based on musical discourses emanating from our Vivek Vardhini Samvaad, which we know is very close to your heart.

Please continue to guide us as always, and keep us under your auspices as we go forward in our journey of this Sangeetik -Adhyayan Satsang, with our Music and our lives.

We remain eternally bound to our dear Guruji for taking us on this journey where You continue to light our path through Her.

Koti koti Pranams from your Grand Disciples from NY, NJ, PA.

A synopsis of our Sangeetik-Adhyayan Satsang at Vivek-Vardhini Samvaad on Vividh Prasang.

Saraansh is a collection of articles, the documentation of thoughts expressed by the Pandit Jasraj Institute Gurukul Pariwaar during a diverse and in-depth weekly discourse, the Vivek-Vardhini Samvaad, on Music, Philosophy and beyond...