Pta. Tripti Mukherjee
Guiding Philosophy

To be an artiste is to be a creative person. Art is not just a skill, it is the creative moment of life within. The source is the spark which necessitates the expression. An artiste lives as a very sensitive person following the guidance of his or her own inner intuitive impulse. The work becomes manifestation of these inner promptings.

Quietude is essential for any creative work because it is the spring and the flow of creative energy. Art is an expression of peace and quietude within. Purpose of art is not just to amuse or entertain. But, it is to give something creative, to lift the human potential of people in a moment of joy.

In the state of totality of energy one lives fully and creatively. It is the energy that works, experiences, meets and creates. You are quiet, open and yet dynamically active in this creative state. You then create beauty not in a piece of melody alone, but all actions manifest beauty, art and joy.

The origin of creation was the primordial sound, Nada Brahman. Harmony and music exist everywhere. Everything on earth contributes to this harmony and the music of creation. Music is a universal language transcending all barriers of country, race or religion. It can unite man to man, but even more, it can unite man to God, because it the language of the soul.

Indian Classical Music derives its special nature and character from its quest and goal. It is linked to the need to discover a certain kind of truth in itself. In fact, the music is so devised that any serious involvement with it would bring us straight up against the search for truth. This is the spiritual fabric. Indian Classical Music has something very tenous and subtle which grows in us gently as in a trance. It can become a passage way leading us to a still and luminous center. This has been the constant search of Indian classical music through the ages.

Kanh Kahani

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