Pta. Tripti Mukherjee
Honors & Awards

On January 26th 2015 Tripti Mukherjee was declared a recipient of the prestigious 'Padma Shri' Award by the Honourable President of India.

Tripti Mukherjee is a Gold Medalist in Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Prabhakar, is a Grade-A artiste on All India Radio and Television and winner of National Scholarship for Hindustani Classical Vocal Music. Her prominent honours and awards include 'Pandit Jasraj Gaurav Puraskar'(Pune), 'Lalit Kala Sangeet Ratna' award (Kanpur, 2012), 'Pandita' honour (University of Karnataka), 'Amir Khan Memorial Award' (Kolkata) and 'Yugantar Patrika Award' (Kolkata).

In 2008, Triptiji was honoured by the "India Association of Long Island" for 'outstanding contribution in making a difference in the society by spreading Indian Classical Music - a noble service to the community.'
 She has also received the 'Outstanding Women's Achievement Award' by the Indian American Forum, US Congress, US House of Representatives and New York Senate (2014), 'New York State Honour' for highly significant contribution and service to community through music, 'Jyotsna Award' (New York) and 'Acharya Shiromani' (Pandit Jasraj Institute of Music) for her contribution as Guru. She had the great honour of being the first Indian Classical vocal artiste to perform in the White House (Washington D.C.,USA 2007) and in the continent of Antarctica (2012).


Dear Pta. Mukherjee,

On behalf of the Library, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you and your disciples for a beautiful, entertaining and informative afternoon.

There really are not enough superlatives to praise your artistry, and certainly there are not enough variations on "thank you" to express our gratitude for bringing so much class, so much talent, and so many people!! to our Program Room.

It was a very special day indeed. You have no idea how much excited anticipation led up to yesterday's program, and your presentation more than surpassed our expectations. For many of us, you opened a new world; for many others you filled their already familiar world with great joy.

Thank you again ... so very, very much ... and please be kind enough to express our gratitude to your students.

Most sincerely,

Thea White, Outreach Specialist, Livingston Public Library, NJ

March 23,2009

"Tan Parishramee, Man Sanyamee, Hridaya Anuragi, Chitta Bairagi."

- Smt. Gyana Sharraf, India

"....not knowing what to expect other than powerful,..spiritual music,..i was simply
blown away by TRIPTI.

if you could please relate to her total respect for her music,.and appreciation of being allowed
to partake in such a sacred event.the effect on me has been profound.

although i spend most of my time in the jazz world, main inspiration is singers,..and
..tripti represents for me,.true mastery on how to process spiritual power in music.the reverance for the music that she herself has,..and her allowing it to flow SO in tune with nature, really something.
in jazz,..especially free jazz,..emotions run wild,.extreme,..and often without focus.what im learning from
listening and now seeing tripti is how to deal with such extremes to get the most communication from the music itself,and to the listener.the way tripti communicates these feelings is SO much more effective than what im around most of the time,a powerful lesson..."

- matt

". . . The groundedness of her spirit goes beyond the ability to express mere concepts of empathic feeling  & maternal authority-a sublime stillness plus feminine presence.  Her vocal & expressive subtlety & power was an ecstatic melancholia-I cried like a leeeeetle girrrllll... "

- maharloka

". . .Diwali is the only Indian festival to be celebrated at the White House. It is the only occasion when the Indian American community as a whole gets an opportunity to be at the White House once a year. It is also the only occasion in a year, when Indian delicacies and rich cultural heritage of India is visible at the White House.

While traditional India sweet was distributed to the guests, the celebrations included Ganesh Vandana and Laxmi Vandana, which was rendered by Tripti Mukherjee, Hindustani classical vocalist and illustrious disciple of Pandit Jasraj. She was accompanied by Bidisha Ghosh and Raje Shree Dave and tabla player Aditya Banerjee. . ."

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